North Carolina Zoo closed until Wednesday due to weather

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"Apollo, a nine-month-old male gorilla at the North Carolina Zoo, rides on the back of N'kosi, the troop's adult male. A young gorilla routinely rides on its mother's back, but it is somewhat unusual for a male to carry young ones." (NC Zoo photo by Diane Villa)

ASHEBORO, N.C. — The North Carolina Zoo is closed until Wednesday due to the forecast of a winter storm.

The zoo said freezing wind chills and fallen trees closed the park on Sunday. Due to the forecast for a winter storm, which predicts freezing rain and snow, the zoo will remain closed to the public on Monday and Tuesday.

A zoo official said two trees were down in the park Sunday morning, including one near a gate and another on a walkway.

Trash cans were also overturned in the parking lot. Crews are currently working to clear tree limbs on pathways.

No buildings were damaged and no injuries were reported to any people or animals. The park is currently planned to open on Monday.

The zoo said they are aware of winter weather and will notify the public if they close for weather-related reasons.