Crews ready at Smith Reynolds and PTI airports to clear snow

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FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. — When bad weather such as snow hits the Triad, local airports have crews ready to work all night if needed to keep runways clear for airplane landings and departures, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

“Everything is here,” David Shoaf, the airport maintenance supervisor at Smith Reynolds Airport, said of the machinery needed to clear snow. “It’s all fueled up. It’s 100 percent ready to go. At the first flake fall, we’ll be right there.”

While Smith Reynolds Airport doesn’t have regular passenger aircraft service, it does get large aircraft coming in for maintenance at North State Aviation, medical flights and occasional charter services. The airport’s airfield maintenance department has a crew of four — Shoaf, line crew supervisor Karen Johnson, Mike Stratton and Roger Spatcher Jr.

“We take care of whatever is inside the fence — runway, taxiway, pavement, lighting,” said Shoaf, who uses his background as a former electrician for Brown & Williamson Tobacco Co. at the airport.

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