Surgical options for weight loss: Gastric bypass procedure

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure is considered the “gold standard” of weight-loss surgery, as it is the most common bariatric surgery procedure performed in the United States, and long-term studies demonstrate substantial, sustained weight loss after having the procedure.

In the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure, a one-ounce capacity upper stomach pouch is created. This primarily restrictive procedure limits the food intake, also rendering a one meter segment of small intestine ineffective in absorbing calories. Patients are required to eat five to six small meals a day and take proper vitamin supplements.  Gastric bypass surgery often results in quicker weight loss than the commonly-known Lap Band procedure.

Not only does gastric bypass aid in significant weight loss, studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine also presented exciting research comparing the treatment of type 2 diabetics through weight-loss surgery (specifically Roux-en-Y gastric bypass) versus conventional medical therapy.  Results concluded that surgery proves more effective than conventional medical therapy in producing remission of type 2 diabetes. Gastric bypass has also been shown to significantly improve, if not cure, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in patients who suffered from the condition before their procedure.

The type of weight loss surgery a patient chooses to have needs to be a well-informed, well-thought-out decision based on their individualized needs and goals. Patients who undergo weight loss surgery must be committed to an entire lifestyle change in order to achieve the optimal results and restore their quality of life. Individuals who are interested in learning more about weight loss surgery and getting started in the process are encouraged to attend one of Cone Health’s bariatric seminars. The informational seminars are now offered online, as well as in person. To register for either form of seminar, visit

Spokesperson Background:

Dr. Benjamin Hoxworth is a general surgeon, specializing in bariatric surgery at Central Carolina Surgery and a member of the Cone Health medical staff.  Dr. Hoxworth is a 1980 medical school graduate of University of Cincinnati.  He completed his residency in general surgery and a fellowship in nutrition and metabolism at Vanderbilt University.

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