Grandma finds internet fame on Reddit for Valentine’s Day photos

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- An adorable grandma in Kentucky has gained fame on Reddit for her Valentine's Day photos.

"Grandma MaryAnn" was crowned princess of her senior living community during their annual Valentine's Day party.

Her granddaughter, Jen, was there to witness her getting crowned princess and posted four photos from the party on Reddit Friday morning.

Jen said her grandma is a huge fan of the 'aww' subreddit where people post adorable photos.

It took "Grandma MaryAnn" several months to understand how people use Reddit, but Jen said now she loves it.

Three hours after submitting the Valentine's Princess photos to Reddit "Grandma MaryAnn" had been upvoted to the top spot on the front page.

Now, her granddaughter is thanking all the people who regularly contribute to the page for bringing a smile to her grandma's face.

“Thanks for submitting your AWWWS for us to share together, it makes our time together SO special when we giggle and laugh and just really make fun memories together,” wrote Jen. “I know it keeps her young!”



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