Greensboro mother fights for justice for son killed in 2012

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Deborah White used to start every day the same way -- at her kitchen table, having breakfast with her son Demarcus.

A hot meal and conversation Deborah says her son never missed.

"There was nothing my son and I couldn't talk about," she said. "I saw him every day sometimes two or three times a day."

It's been two years since she's had one of those meals with her son.

Demarcus was shot and killed in 2012 in Greensboro during an altercation over a fender bender.

He was 24.

"This was my only son," she said. "My son wasn't just my son. He was one of my best friends."

Deborah says the only comfort she's had since his death was knowing that his alleged shooter -- 22-year-old Antonio Watkins -- was being charged with first-degree murder.

It's a charge that, if convicted, comes with a life sentence.

But on Thursday, that all changed.

"We feel like justice just isn't being served," she said.

Deborah found out Watkins won't go to trial and instead will be offered a plea bargain for second-degree murder.

A charge which comes with less jail time and a decision the mother says her family had no voice in.

"At least give us that opportunity to say that we want to go or we don't want to go. But instead that was just taken totally away, just telling us we've already made a decision," she said.

The Guilford County District Attorney's office couldn't make a statement with the case still pending.
But Assistant District Attorney Howard Newman did say they've been in touch with the family throughout the process but have no obligation to do what the family says.

A decision Deborah says she plans on fighting until she gets justice.

"If they won't be an advocate for my son, I will be an advocate for my son," she said.

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