‘Serial stowaway’ faces more charges

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- One 63-year-old frequent flyer is facing charges once again for boarding planes across the country with no ticket in hand.

Marilyn Jean Hartman has been described as a "serial stowaway."

She has a criminal history of boarding planes across the country without a ticket and she's done it again on her latest flight from Minnesota to Florida.

Hartman landed in Jacksonville on Sunday and got in line for a shuttle to a hotel.

When the driver asked if her name was Maria she just said yes and boarded the bus to the Omni.

After she arrived at the hotel, police said she used the same name to check into a $300 per night room.

Hartman's stay was cut short when the real guest arrived a few hours later and the front desk called to straighten out the issue.

She then took shelter in a room that was being renovated.

Crews found her Monday morning and she admitted to lying.

Hartman was charged with trespassing, fraudulent impersonation and swindling.