Dangerous guardrails still exist after NC was told to remove them

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DURHAM, N.C. — The guardrails on North Carolina highways are supposed to protect residents in a crash. But WTVD is reporting that they can be dangerous and even deadly.

The guardrails in question have endings called breakaway cable terminals, which are shaped like a loop. The federal government thinks they’re so dangerous that they told states to remove those 17 years ago.

Two North Carolina girls were killed in a crash involving these guardrails on U.S. Highway 52 near Mount Airy last November.

Half-sisters 12-year old Megan Davis and 17-year-old Taylor Thompson were killed. Their friend, Dakota Goss, a high school football player, was driving his grandmother’s 2001 Ford.

Police said Goss lost control and overcorrected. The passenger side of the car hit the end of the guardrail. Troopers said he wasn’t speeding, drinking or texting.

“The passenger side of the vehicle actually struck the guardrail first,” said State Highway Patrol Sgt. Michael Baker. “At that point in time, the guardrail actually penetrated the vehicle — went through the vehicle.”

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