Construction on Bermuda Run roundabout to begin Monday

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BERMUDA RUN, N.C. — Getting in and out of BB&T Soccer Park and Bermuda Run’s gated community will get easier. But it’s going to be a few months, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

The first phase of construction to a new roundabout will begin Monday, with construction crews demolishing the 40-year old gatehouse off U.S. 158 that leads into the community. That entrance will be closed through April 30.

The entire roundabout is not scheduled to be completed until early November, according to Lee Rollins, the town manager of Bermuda Run. The roundabout will cost $1.7 million, with $1.3 million coming from a federal highway fund and Bermuda Run covering more than $341,000.

The town has long wanted a signal at the intersection, which has become increasingly dangerous with the growth of BB&T Soccer Park, the home field of Twin City Youth Soccer Association. About 3,000 players are involved in the various Twins programs.

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