Greensboro mayor reacts to proposal for smaller city council

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- State Senator Trudy Wade wants to change the make-up of Greensboro City Council.

Wade, who served on the Greensboro city council from 2007-2012, introduced a bill Wednesday that would eliminate At-Large seats reducing the council from 9 to 7 members elected from districts. The mayor would be elected At-Large but would only be able to vote in the case of a tie. If passed into law the mayor would be given veto powers but the veto could be overturned by a five-vote majority.

Several city council members said they had heard talk of a possible bill but had no idea of the details or that it was being introduced on Wednesday.

"I think this legislature has made a habit of tinkering in local politics," said Mayor Nancy Vaughn, who called the bill surprising. "The state has enough issues going on when it comes to economic development -- Medicaid and other things -- that they really should be focusing on their own house and let us run ours."

Republicans on the city council are calling it far overreaching of the state into local government. Wade was unable to be reached Wednesday afternoon and evening for comment.