Racial slur removed from rock outside South Carolina school

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ROCK HILL, S.C. — A racial slur that was plastered on a large rock at a South Carolina high school has been removed.

WSOC reported that the remark was found near the entrance of South Pointe High School in Rock Hill.

Antonio Barnes is proud, as the only black building owner on Main Street in Rock Hill, to be a part of a walkway that will go next to his salon, highlighting strides in civil and human rights.

“We’re pulling together to make a difference that will benefit not just one race of people,” said Barnes.

Over the weekend, there was a setback in the community’s progress at South Pointe High School. A custodian came to the school Sunday morning and discovered a hateful remark painted on the school’s spirit rock. School officials said the rock was quickly painted over before students got to school on Monday.

The remark written on the rock was in reference to the start of February’s Black History Month and the author signed it, “KKK.”

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