NC hunters find jar containing likely ‘early-stage miscarriage’

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McDOWELL COUNTY, N.C. — Hunters in North Carolina have found a jar that likely contains the remains of an embryo or fetus. reported that the McDowell County Sheriff’s Office is looking for anyone who can provided any information about the jar.

The jar was reportedly found in a wooden box near the Blue Ridge Parkway in northern McDowell County. Officials were called to the scene of a possible makeshift grave on Dec. 29.

Deputies said that the remains were of an “early-stage miscarriage” between six and 12 weeks, according to WBTV.

Detective captain Shanon Smith told WBTV that they are not searching for suspects because it does not appear that any crime was committed.

“It appears from the configuration of the site that whoever prepared it did so with care and respect, so we would like to find and return the box, jar and contents so they can be relocated to a more appropriate and private location,” Smith said.