Study ranks North Carolina 41st in nation for prosperity

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North Carolina’s economy appears on the mend, as measured by a significant drop in the unemployment rate since 2013 to 5.5 percent in December, and an improved housing market, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

However, a national nonprofit research group, the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CED), has joined a vocal chorus of advocates and economists who say the improvement remains beyond the reach of too many North Carolinians in terms of their ability to save and build wealth, fend off poverty and create a more prosperous future.

The group, based in Washington with offices in Durham and San Francisco, ranked North Carolina at No. 41 overall in a U.S. prosperity study released last week. That represents an improvement from No. 46 in 2013.

The national study is titled “Excluded from the financial mainstream: How the economic recovery is bypassing millions of Americans.”

Wyoming ranked No. 1 in the study, and Mississippi was 50 th .

The group’s assets and opportunity scorecard evaluates how residents are faring across 67 outcome measures in five categories: financial assets and income, businesses and jobs, housing and homeownership, health care, and education.

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