Hundreds march in honor of Greensboro sit-in anniversary

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Sundays marks the 55th anniversary of the famous sit-in protest by four black college students at Woolworth's in Greensboro.

To honor the legacy of the Greensboro Four, hundreds of GCS students walked from North Carolina A&T University to the International Civil Rights Center and Museum, where Woolworth's once stood.

NC A&T students also participated in the March Friday.

"I heard about how people were throwing food and spitting at them and what not. I think about the hardships they went through so I can be at this institution doing what I'm doing today," said Tyren Johnson-Fleming.

Two members of the Greensboro Four attended in the event Friday, which included a breakfast and wreath-laying ceremony at the A&T Four Monument.

"A lot of times, student take history in the classroom and they see things on paper, but for them to come out and see two still living members who started the sit-in movement across the nation -- it’s very important," said Jermaine Porter, assistant principal at Andrews High School.