A whirlwind of a week for Burlington’s Coach Craig, who needs liver transplant to live

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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- There's a whole lot of love and shaking going on in honor of local youth coach Craig Edwards, the 35-year-old father of three who needs a liver transplant to live.

His baseball team created a fun “Harlem Shake” video that has all the players and coaches dancing in support of Edwards.

Just after that video was shot, it was a whirlwind of sorts for the family. Craig felt terribly ill and was rushed to Duke. Turns out, he was bleeding internally. While there, his condition improved quite a bit over the next few days and he came really close to getting a new liver. He and another man were at the top of the list, but the other patient was in greater need and got the liver.

"I was extremely happy for him," says Edwards.

When he woke up, "the first thing he asked the nurses was, 'how is the other guy,'" said his wife Bethany.

"Craig has done so much for the youth of this community and worked with so many of them, this is a way, we care about him," said Western Middle School Principal Greg Holland. "We did a hat day fundraiser for Craig and his family, which will go toward his future expenses."

Bethany and Craig are home now after five days in the hospital, having had very little sleep and no transplant yet, but humbled, grateful and thankful for the outpouring of community support.

"You realize through this process how much people care. There is a bigger issue here and that is awareness of organ donation," said Edwards.

To keep up with updates on Coach Craig, the website is prayersforcoachcraig.com.