5 juveniles identified in connection with rock throwing incidents on US 52 in Winston-Salem

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Winston-Salem police have identified five juveniles they believe are responsible for throwing rocks at vehicles on U.S. 52 in the city.

Earlier this week, police told FOX8 that at least 15 vehicles had been struck with rocks within a 6 week period, all within a one mile radius of U.S. 52 and Clemmonsville Road in Winston-Salem.

On Wednesday, officers stopped and identified three juvenile suspects involved in these incidents. Subsequently, two additional juvenile offenders have been identified as being involved in the incidents.

Due to the protocol of the juvenile courts system, juvenile petitions are being sought for the five juveniles, who are all under the age of 16.

The petitions will go through the process in the juvenile courts system to draw the charges against the juveniles. If successful, the juveniles would be served with the petitions to be held before a judge to answer to multiple misdemeanors malicious injury to property charges.

Capt. Doug Nance says the juveniles all live in a neighborhood near the site of the incidents.

Nance says that the parents of the juveniles have been contacted regarding the pending juvenile petitions against their children.

The identities of the juveniles are not being released at this time.