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Some concerned as coyotes are spotted near Lexington neighborhood

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LEXINGTON, N.C. — Residents who live on or near Biesecker Road in Lexington say they're getting an uptick in coyotes near their homes.

Some say they've been hearing loud cries from coyotes from an empty field near Pickett Elementary school and a church.

Coyotes have also been spotted in the day running in the area.

Wanda Lankford lives on Biesecker Road and says having the wildlife so nearby is scary.

"I don't let my dog go out after dark because I've heard stories of how they'll attack small animals," Lankford said.

Wildlife expert Rupert Medford says January through March is mating season which means coyotes will be more visible.

Medford says while coyotes do prey on small animals like cats and small dogs, humans usually do not get attacked.

"They're not dangerous to people, no matter what size," said Medford a wildlife biologist with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission.

Medford says keeping a neighborhood clean is the best way to keep coyotes away.

He says keeping trash out of yards and off the roads will help make an area unattractive to wildlife.

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