Rockingham County Schools release early due to weather concerns

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REIDSVILLE, N.C. -- The more than 13,000 students in Rockingham County Schools were released early today due to bad weather and expectations for worse weather throughout the evening.

School officials said it began to sleet around 10:30 a.m. and they made the call after that. They also anticipated a potential freeze in the afternoon.

Reidsville High School sophomore Emilio Llamas said he and his classmates were excited to learn that school would be released early.

"I was in the auditorium at the time and our counselor announced it to us," he said. "Everyone was considerably happy, I'd say."

Llamas spent the extra hours off practicing soccer in his front yard, undisturbed by the rain or cold.

"As they say, no days off," he said.

On Jan. 14, Rockingham County School officials received numerous comments on their Facebook page from parents, angry because school had not been delayed or canceled despite bad weather.

"I thought it was a mistake," Llamas said. "I was actually genuinely furious myself."

School officials said their decision today was not impacted by that. Instead, they said they had a better indication in the weather forecasts that the roads could get icy.

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