High Point family finds lost dog thanks to social media

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- A local family has High Point University students and social media to thank in reuniting their lost pet.

“[Barkley] had slipped through a little sweet spot in the fence last week," said owner Fisher Wood. The Wood family adopted the 8-year-old dog when he was a puppy from a local shelter. His 5-year-old daughter Davie was heartbroken as the family started knocking on doors. After a few days of searching they turned to social media. "Within 10 minutes I got a text back from a friend who had seen an ad on Craigslist."

High Point University students Lauren Lindquist, Emily Meoli and Anna Chisholm were behind that Craiglslist ad after Meoli found Barley one street over in the road.

"He seemed frighten," said Meoli. "I tried to calm him down."

The student took him in and got him checked out at a local veterinarian.

"He made a lot of friends," said Lindquist. "He was very popular."

Barkley's ID tags had come off and with no microchip they turned to posting pictures on Facebook and Craigslist. Within minutes a friend of the Wood family spotted Barkley on Craigslist helping connect the college students with the family.

"Once Davis' mother told us there was a 5-year-old waiting at home we jumped in the car," said Meoli.

Davie thanked the student and now calls them Barkley's Savers.

"They hold a very warm spot in our hearts," said Wood. "That dog means a lot to us."​

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