Close friend reflects on man killed in Guilford County robbery

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Former NFL player Joe Bostic had been friends with Vann Yates since they were kids in Cub Scouts. Bostic said he was stunned Wednesday when he got the call that Yates had been shot and killed in an attempted robbery in his own yard.

"It's just a shame that a wonderful person like that has to meet their demise the way he did. He deserved a heck of a lot better than that. That's the one thing I'm having a hard time with," Bostic said. "That a guy would be sitting on his yard at 12:30 in the afternoon and two guys would come up and shoot him in the chest and kill him."

Bostic said their friendship began at Hunter Elementary School, continued to Clemson University and remained strong through adulthood with weekly phone calls.

"I've known him 50 years and I tell you what I was very blessed to have a friend of that magnitude and that character for 50 years," Bostic said.

Col. Randy Powers with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department said Friday deputies are still conducting interviews and moving forward with the investigation.

No suspects have been arrested.

Yet Bostic said that the need for someone coming forth with information is not only important for Yates’ justice but the safety of the community.

"More than likely people that are running around robbing people on a daily basis, this is not going to stop until it stops. So it's Vann Yates one day it may be your mother the next day," Bostic said.

Bostic said Yates never married or had any children but leaves behind a legacy of a giving spirit and true friendship.

Yates' funeral is scheduled for Tuesday in Archdale.

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