Family claims ‘black mold’ in Kernersville apartment is making them sick

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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- A Piedmont family said they have been coughing for months and they claim they finally know why.

Brandi Lineback said she discovered black mold in the closet of her apartment at Grosvenor Square Apartments in Kernersville.

"Last Tuesday night we were in the closet looking for something and that's when we noticed it was up there," she said.

Lineback claimed that the apartment complex's management has been unresponsive to her concerns.

She said the apartment's maintenance man came to look at the apartment, but said that the black substance is dust and not mold.

"Dust is not slimy and black and wet," she said.

Lineback said she and her husband decided to move, even though they will have to pay double rent for a month to live out their current lease. She said the main reason is out of fear for her 3-year-old son, Boston.

"He's been sick on and off about four or five months," she said. "We've actually had to take him to the ER. I'm the same way; I've had a lot of breathing issues. My number one concern was his health. I'm concerned for my health, too, but he's top priority."

Several other residents also claimed to have black mold in their apartments, but said they had not complained to management about it, because they did not think management would be responsive.

Arnold Hicks has lived at Grosvenor Square Apartments for more than 20 years. He said about a year ago he started to notice mold.

"There's black mold in the back bedrooms. But I can't afford to move right now," Hicks said.

The apartment complex's management said that it had gotten a "handful" of complaints of black mold over the past year. But upon inspection from the maintenance worker, management said it was determined all cases were dust or mildew and not mold.

The officer manager said she lives on-site, and so if there were black mold, she would take it seriously.

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