Soldier to receive groundbreaking treatment for traumatic brain injury

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PORTLAND, Ore. — Sgt. Jordan Adams has been in a barely conscious state since suffering a brain injury in a car crash while on leave in 2013, but his family is hopeful that a new treatment will help him recover.

Adams was recently transferred from a hospital in California’s bay area to the Veterans Administration hospital in Chicago to undergo the treatment.

An organization called VitalOne donated the medical personnel and a Chicago businessman provided a private jet to transport Adams.

Adams will be receiving the new treatment because of Dr. Theresa Pape, who reached out to his family.

At the end of January, Pape will try out the new procedure that involves stimulating different parts of Adams’ brain with magnetic pulses and using a drug as a companion.

Adams’ mother, Tammi Adams, said Pape expects the treatment to create new neuron pathways in Jordan Adams’ brain, which might help him regain consciousness.

“I’m afraid to hope, you know,” Tammi Adams said. “I mean, I’ve never stopped and I’ve never given in, but I don’t want to be let down, so I just take every day and I tell Jordan, I know you’re there, boy. I know you’re there.”

Jordan Adams will be in Chicago until at least mid-April for treatment.

The Adams family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for his treatment.

Source: KPTV