Psychic, dog tracker hired to find wayward dog

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Source: Getting Rocky home Facebook page

PHOENIX — A search is underway for a dog belonging to a California woman who visited Phoenix for the Christmas holiday.

Rocky somehow managed to escape the backyard where his owner was staying by squeezing through a fence on Dec. 23.

Katy Frame, of Los Angeles, has exhausted her savings trying to find her lost pet. She has put her acupuncture business on hold, hired a dog tracker and consulted psychics.

She is spending the night in her car keeping an eye out on the trap she has baited with her clothes and fresh cooked chicken.

[FACEBOOK: Getting Rocky Home]

Rocky has been spotted in the Arcadia area and Frame, along with some volunteers, have been out searching for him every day.

To make matters worse, Frame is currently on crutches and has limited mobility.

Rocky is described as a blond, shy dog, about medium-sized, weighing 40 pounds. He has a red nose with freckles and a scar. Rocky is also in a black collar with a blue tag.

The most distinctive feature about Rocky is that he has no tail.

Frame said she is offering a cash reward for her pet’s safe return.

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