Meet ‘Eclipse’ the dog that rides the bus all by herself

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SEATTLE — An old dog in Seattle has learned some new tricks.

‘Eclipse,’ a black Labrador and  bull mastiff mix, rides the bus, all by herself.

She sits on the bus just like a person does.

‘Eclipse’ is often found roaming the aisles of the bus looking for a seat and will hop up next to a stranger.

“She gets on and off by herself,” said Miles Montgomery, who witness the dog get on without a human.

Montgomery said it was unbelievable the first time he saw the dog riding alone. So unbelievable, he snapped a ‘selfie’ with her.

The dog gets off at the stop and goes to the dog park.

This urbanized dog belongs to Jeff Young, who said it all started with constant trips to the dog park.

Before getting on the bus by their apartment, Jeff would stop to smoke. If the bus got there before he was done, ‘Eclipse’ would take off without him.

“We get separated. She gets on the bus without me and I catch up with her at the dog park,” Young said.

A spokesman for the transit systems said they they love that ‘Eclipse’ is a supporter of public transit. He added that she would be much safer if she had her owner on a leash.


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