Students shocked to see altered school ID photos

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Kansas City, Mo. — Some students at St. Teresa’s Academy are upset because their bodies were digitally changed without their permission.

The all-girls Catholic school in Kansas City recently brought in a photographer to take ID pictures of the students. But when the students got a look at them, some looked like different people.

One of the students posted before and after pictures to a thread on the site Reddit.

The girl who posted them says she was expecting blemishes to be retouched but was shocked when she saw that her face was thinned, skin recolored and eyebrows smoothed out.

Some students at St. Teresa’s Academy say they were surprised when they received their new IDs last week.

KCTV5 News reached out to to the academy on Saturday.

“As you are aware, this was an unfortunate situation where our photography company put our senior ID pictures through an air brushing procedure,” School President Nan Bone said. “We did not authorize this, and in fact, we are a school that works hard to promote healthy body images. As an all-girls Catholic school, we educate the whole person. We strive to make all girls feel confident and empowered and positive body image is so integral to confidence.”

The school says students will receive new IDs that have not been drastically retouched next week.

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