Dog shot by shotgun in Montgomery County miraculously survives, recovering

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, N.C. -- Bear has had about as tough a week a dog could have. Last Tuesday afternoon, Jim Patterson let him go outside to do his business. A few minutes later he returned whimpering at the door.

“When he was whimpering I opened up the door and he was covered in blood,” Patterson said. “I thought another dog had attacked him.”

But when Patterson took Bear to the vet he found out something much different had happened.

The dog's legs and paws were riddled with number six pellets from a shotgun blast. In the dog's neck was lodged the wadding from the shotgun shell. Dr. Cecil Brown, of Seagrove Animal Hospital, had to cut it out.

“They said the gun was up against him when it went off,” Patterson said.

Somehow, Bear managed to survive. Despite all he's been through he still wags his tail.

“He's a very sweet dog. I can't see why anybody would shoot him,” Dr. Brown said.

Dr. Brown expects Bear will recover from his injuries but it will take time.

“I know he's miserable,” Patterson said. “I'm just trying to make him as comfortable as possible.”

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