Police department finds unusual “ornament” dangling from Christmas tree

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GERMANTOWN, Wisc. -- The Germantown Police Department found an interesting "ornament" on its Christmas tree this past weekend. It was a diamond wedding ring.

Police Chief Peter Hoell said the ring was found hanging from a branch while helpers were taking down the Christmas tree in the department's lobby.

"It wasn't like it fell off or something, you know. It was intentionally placed on that tree," Hoell said.

So now, Hoell and his team are determined to find the ring's owner.

"I just want to make sure that someone didn't have second thoughts," he said.

Chief Hoell posted about the ring on Facebook — and inquiries flooded his inbox. Some came from as far away as Dallas, Texas.

Bill Nordstrom heard about the abandoned diamond ring on Monday morning. After 35 years in the diamond business, he's heard all kinds of stories about people losing a ring. But he never heard of someone leaving one behind.

"The only thing I can think of is, if they wanted to leave it, kind of like at Christmas time, with the Salvation Army kettles, people sometimes will put gold coins in there," Nordstrom said.

Chief Hoell had the ring examined by a local jeweler — and the ring's diamonds are indeed real. He said if someone wishes to claim the ring, they should be prepared to provide a detailed description of it — or better yet, a photo of the owner wearing it.

The ring is expected to be kept in safe keeping for a year or so before it will be put up for auction like other items that are left behind at the police department.