Apple patents flexible iPhone and smart glasses

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Apple now has a patent for a phone that is actually supposed to bend.

Among 28 patents Apple was granted Tuesday is one for a “flexible electronic device” and another for smart glasses technology that could challenge Google Glass.

“Rigid electronic devices may be vulnerable to damage in the event of an impact such as a drop of the device on a hard surface,” the first patent reads. “It would therefore be desirable to be able to provide improved electronic devices.”

The patent includes two dozen drawings showing how a device — say, an Apple iPhone — could be warped and contorted. It could include flexible screens, flexible batteries and flexible circuit boards.

The other patent describes a social media tool called Lifestream, which collects “notes, recordings and annotation data elements.”

That would be incorporated in smart glasses similar to Google Glass. The patent describes technology like a facial recognition application to recognize other attendees at a meeting.

The news was uncovered by the blog Patently Apple, which meticulously follows Apple’s patent applications.