1795 Boston time capsule opened

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BOSTON — Officials opened a time capsule in Boston Tuesday, more than 200 years after Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and William Scollay buried it there.

“Tonight is a new chapter in a story that began in 1795,” Malcolm Rogers, director of Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, said Tuesday before the capsule was opened.

It took more than four hours for officials to loosen the screws on top of a time capsule they were set to open on Tuesday night, said Pam Hatchfield, the museum’s head of objects conservation.

Hatchfield said the tools she was using to remove objects from the time capsule included a porcupine quill, a bamboo tool and her grandfather’s dental tool.

“They said it was hermetically sealed, and I think they really meant it,” Hatchfield said as she slowly pulled out objects from the capsule.

Officials removed newspapers and several coins from the time capsule, including half-cent, one-cent, half-dime, 10-cent and 25-cent coins, Hatchfield said.

As she looked at papers inside the box, Hatchfield said, “the paper is in amazingly good condition.”