NC girl opens long-lost Christmas gift, thanks to Indiana trucker

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Lexi Huffman finally opens her present. (WTVD)

CARY, N.C. — A North Carolina girl got a chance to open a long-lost Christmas present that was found by a trucker in Indiana.

Lexi Huffman’s mother in Cary told WTVD-TV that her 5-year-old daughter is enjoying her lamp, which features a solar powered butterfly and an angel.

WTHR-TV reported that trucker George Haskett spotted the gift on Thanksgiving weekend in the median of a busy Indiana highway.

So he stopped and picked it up. It was a wrapped Christmas present reading “To Lexi, From Grandpa and Grandma.”

Turns out, the Huffman family was traveling on the highway and the cargo box on top of their car came open and the present slipped out.

But the trucker wanted to solve the mystery. He contacted a local news station and a picture of the gift was posted to their Facebook page.

The trucker said he looked into the gift and it was unique and something special. He said he would send the gift back to the person who knew what was inside.

Haskett got a message from Lexi’s mom about 2,000 Facebook shares later. The package was sent and the mystery solved.

The couple who discovered her gift on an Indiana highway even threw in an angel for good measure.

Lexi and her parents also decided if they could raise $5,000 for a charity called “Rupert’s Kids,” Lexi could open the gift early. They managed to raise more than $600.

Below is a video news report from WTHR-TV from before the mystery was solved: