Parents feel betrayed following principal’s alleged theft

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Marilyn Taylor (WFSB)

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — A Bridgeport school principal is in hot water after police said she spent time gambling school money, trying to turn it into much more.Now she is facing a losing hand, out of a job and facing some serious charges.

Marilyn Taylor was the principal of the Dunbar School, where she was being paid more than $125,000.

Parents are now wondering why she allegedly used $10,000 that was set aside for school fundraisers, to gamble.

“She got her money in the bank somewhere so she’s using the city’s money… it’s wrong though,” said Bobbie Jean Smith, a Dunbar grandparent.

Police arrested Taylor after a lengthy investigation.

They said over the course of just one month last year she withdrew more than $10,000 at Mohegan Sun from an account that she set up for student activities.

“She’s not thinking about the children, we already have problems in Bridgeport with the education,” Smith added.

Police were tipped off after a school audit showed suspicious activity that Taylor never reported.

School officials may have been caught off guard by the alleged spending.

Her former landlord, Doug Knapp, said the telltale signs were there.

“She started receiving a bunch of flyers, almost every day from Mohegan Sun, from Foxwoods, and it was five times a week, she would get coupons and she was gone quite a bit,” Knapp said.

He said Taylor, who lived in the basement of a home in Milford for more than one year, was often late on rent.

He said an inspection of the home shed light on a possible reason.

“I had to access the electrical panel I saw a bunch of Foxwoods receipts from the ATM, and it was the same week she had missed the rent,” Knapp said.

Taylor was arrested on larceny charges and Bridgeport’s superintendent said she is off the job and won’t be back.

Parents said they feel betrayed.

“She just didn’t care about the kids or the parents,” Smith said.

Taylor is expected to appear in court early next month and her landlord said she has moved out.


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