Greensboro family denies involvement in Xbox/PlayStation hack

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Millions of gamers had their Christmas ruined by a hack to the Xbox and Sony PlayStation online networks, which prevented them from logging on. Today, a group attempting to reveal the identities of the hackers produced a list of names, which included a man from Greensboro.

A group calling themselves "Lizard Squad" took to social media to claim responsibility for the hacks. The group claiming to have ousted them refers to themselves as "Finest Squad." The Greensboro man who was included on the list denied having any connection to the hack and says that he is in fact a victim.

The Greensboro man says his information was first hacked years ago. Phone calls began coming in to his and his mother's home, from people harassing him, believing he was in fact a hacker.

"It just never ends," said the man's daughter, who didn't want her name released. "My dad had to change a whole lot of his information. You know, our cable packages kept getting messed with, they get into his Amazon."

After the Christmas Day hacks people started searching for the names of the "Lizard Squad" members again and the phone calls started once more.

"We're sitting there with my grandparents and they're getting five or six phone calls throughout the course of an hour," the man's daughter said, of her family's Christmas Day. "People just calling and leaving messages, you know, crude messages. My grandparents are older folks, they don't want to hear that."

The father and daughter say they have never been contacted by law enforcement officials. Greensboro police did not immediately return our phone calls.

"My dad is the one getting messed with when he's in there watching Photoshop tutorials," said the daughter.

At the time of this article, the Xbox Live network had been almost fully restored. The PlayStation network was still experiencing issues.

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