Last minute shipping rush for Christmas in the Piedmont

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Last minute shippers are dashing in and out of post offices across the Piedmont, shelling out big bucks to get their gifts delivered by Christmas.

The cost to ship Andy Hudnell's gift to his aunt cost just about as much as the gift itself.

"You always think you're going to get it done, but then you don't, then you have to. Kind of wish I had done it a day or two earlier, save us some money, but the important thing is, she'll get it tomorrow," says Hudnell.

Rhiannon Giddens has gifts going all over the country. "This is actually the earliest I've been, so I'm quite proud of myself. If they get them a day or two late, that's okay, before New Year's, then I've won, I'm happy."

Over at the nearby UPS store, shockingly, for just a small stretch, it's empty inside. After a week of having lines to the door, the laid back shipper guy Seth is getting a much needed breather. But he gets why everyone is shipping last minute. "There are Christmas plays, school events, people have family in, you have to buy gifts for everyone, there is so much going on."

The post office is open until 12 p.m. tomorrow. You can still ship Express Mail and have it delivered on Christmas, in most areas.