Booze It & Lose It campaign’s ’20 Stories for 20 Years’

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In honor of the 20th anniversary of the Booze It & Lose It Campaign, 20 people are taking their personal stories to the Internet.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation, the Governor's Highway Safety Program and Mothers Against Drunk Driving are calling the anti-drunk drinking effort "20 Stories for 20 Years."

People like Greensboro Police Officer Steve Brown are hoping their stoies of sorrow and loss will make people think before they drink and drive. Officer Brown's parents were killed by an impaired driver on October 2001.

"I felt like my parents died for a reason. I didn't know why. When you lose a lose a love one you ask that question," he said.

Brown found purpose when he joined the Guilford County DWI Task Force. This year the task force has arrested about 1,200 drug or alcohol impaired drivers. In some cases, those that have been arrested have reached out and thanked Brown.

"I've had the occasion, someone I arrested come back and said thank you for what you did and you opened my eyes and made a difference."

Greensboro Fire Department Battalion Chief Steve Zimmerman is a member of an organization called VIP for a VIP. With the use of visual aids like crash reenactments and video, VIP warns teenage drivers about the dangers of distracted and impaired drinking. That's why he believes the "20 Stories for 20 Years" video can help change people's thoughts about drunk driving.

"By using video, we are able to catch their attention and keep them from doing dangerous things when they get into the car," he said.

You can listen to Officer Steve Brown's story and other testimonials at