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Remembering the homeless in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO --- Greensboro's Interactive Resource Center (IRC) held a sleep out to honor the members of the homeless community that have died this year.

Executive Director Michelle Kennedy said staff members wanted to honor the eight deaths not only with a memorial but by also sleeping out in the elements on the longest night of the year.

Sunday was National Homeless Persons Memorial Day. Candles were kept lit all night in honor of the homeless.

"It's any number of things. It could be lung cancer or an accident it could be someone trying to access medical treatment but the end of the day we know that one of the main causes of it is homelessness itself and the barriers of access to health care to housing to all of those things that are really contributing factors to the death of all of these folks," Kennedy said.

Staff members of the IRC said that Steve Christian makes the ninth homeless death this year.

Greensboro Police and the SBI are investigating his death. Christian was arrested outside Wesley Long hospital for disorderly conduct and violating the ban from the hospital after seeking treatment. After being placed in handcuffs, Christian became unresponsive.

Authorities are awaiting autopsy results.