Greensboro veteran and dad of 3 hopes Craigslist ad will lead to new home

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A Craigslist ad posted by a Greensboro father has been ignored since it was posted more than two weeks ago.

“It's really just being able to provide for my children, that's really what the gist of it is,” said Reegius Lewis, an Army veteran who is currently living in a hotel room with his three children.

“I just want my kids to be able to see that life is more than just what they see now,” said Lewis.

In order to do that, Lewis made a post asking for a trade. He wants to apply his skill as a handyman in exchange for a home for him and his kids, Zakiyya, 4, Melody, 2, and Regina, 1.

Unfortunately, his plea for help has fallen on deaf ears. He’s gotten no responses to the post.

“My last resort was posting on Craigslist saying I need help because I'm very good with my hands and very mechanically inclined so I just tried to exhaust every avenue possible,” said Lewis.

Lewis is struggling, in part, because of a misdemeanor conviction for larceny he received after he left the Army in 2010. The 25-year old said he was getting a ride from a friend when the car was pulled over by police. Stolen items were inside the car. Lewis said he plead no contest rather than not guilty to speed the process up but didn’t realize the blemish on his criminal record would follow him.

“When I go and apply for a job they see that I have a record now it's only one charge but I have a record,” said Lewis.

Lewis has also been denied assistance through local charities because of that conviction.

He’s hoping that a homeowner or someone who owns an apartment complex in need of repairs will show mercy on a family in need of help but without means to afford a place on their own.

“I wasn't expecting any miracle -- that someone was going to offer me a five bedroom six bath or something like that,” said Lewis.

But now he is in a desperate position and hoping the Craigslist ad will lead to something positive and keep him and his family out of a homeless shelter.

“That would hurt me the most to have to take my kids to a shelter and sleep with them in a shelter with 120 other people especially when I have three daughters,” said Lewis.

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