2 Greensboro men face murder charges after victim dies of wounds

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Michael Latief Bowers and Kenneth Bailey Johnson (left to right)

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Two Greensboro men are now charged with first-degree murder after a man they allegedly assaulted on Nov. 30, 2014 succumbed to his wounds on Dec. 12.

Michael Latief Bowers, 17, and Kenneth Bailey Johnson, 20, were originally charged with attempted first-degree murder after George William Scott, 63, was bludgeoned in his home at 2401 Spruce St.

The two cousins were arrested and confined on Dec. 4 after police recovered Scott’s stolen automobile that was involved in a hit and run the same day. In addition to attempted first-degree murder, the two were charged with first degree burglary, common law robbery, larceny of motor vehicle and felony conspiracy.

As a result of the upgraded charges, Bowers’ and Johnson’s bonds have been revoked.