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Mother chains disabled daughter to toilet for a year causing her flesh to rot away

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BOCHNIA, Poland — A mentally disabled woman allegedly locked her daughter in a barn for a year, causing her flesh to rot away.

A family member eventually located Aneta Pokorskia, 25, who is physically disabled, and discovered that part of her buttocks and thigh had rotted away, according to the Mirror.

Pokorskia was suffering from malnutrition, dehydration and had fleas and frostbite.

The family member that discovered her had been told by her mother, Maria Pokorskia, that she had been taken in by social workers a year ago. Relatives became concerned when nothing further was said about the daughter’s location.

Unable to walk any longer, Aneta Pokorskia had been chained to a small toilet. The room she was being kept in had no heating despite near-freezing temperatures.

According to police, the mother had locked her daughter in the barn after arguing with family members who wanted her put into care.

To make sure her daughter did not make too much noise, the mother had reportedly moved into the barn as well.

“When officers found the daughter she looked like she had been in a death camp,” a police spokesman told the Mirror.

The daughter was taken to a hospital where she is expected to need extensive rehabilitation.

Police say the mother cannot be prosecuted because she is mentally ill.