Healthy Holidays 101: Healthy Eating

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If you look at the calendar, you will see that there are about 40 days in between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. It is certainly okay to indulge a bit over the holidays; however, using the holiday season as an excuse to make unhealthy decisions each day is not.

Perhaps the most tempting moments of the holiday season occur at the holiday parties and gatherings, where various dishes and drinks are available in abundance.

“Try eating a healthy snack or small meal before you head to your holiday party to curb your hunger and avoid overindulgence,” says Donna Plyler, registered dietitian at Cone Health. “Also, focus more on socializing, rather than eating or drinking. Make deals with yourself, such as being sure to talk to at least five different people before making yourself a plate, or set a time limit on how long you will stay.”

We also run into temptations at home and work throughout the holiday season. It is certainly fine to bake sweets for people as gifts, but try to limit the amount you keep at home for yourself. Also, try to eat healthy, scheduled meals and be sure to get enough rest and exercise. At work, avoid the lounge or any other areas where holiday treats are generally kept. Pack a healthy lunch and snacks each day to keep cravings at bay.

By following these easy tips, you can still enjoy the holiday season while not experiencing the weight gain and regret afterward!

Spokesperson Background:

Donna Plyler is a registered dietitian and the diabetes program coordinator at Cone Health Internal Medicine Center. Plyler received a Bachelor of Science in biology from Guilford College in 1984 and a Master of Science in nutrition in 1993. She was also certified as a diabetes educator in 1996.