NC Highway Patrol kicks off distracted driving campaign

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We've all heard that texting and driving is dangerous, but North Carolina Highway Patrol says people's behaviors aren't mirroring that understanding.

Master Trooper Chris Knox says he has been seeing more and more wrecks involving cell phones, particularly with younger drivers.

"We know that people who are distracted driving are dying in wrecks," he said.

So this week the North Carolina Highway Patrol kicked off a distracted driving enforcement campaign. Troopers will be using unmarked vehicles and other methods to catch drivers in the act of "distracted driving," which can include texting, emailing and anything else that may cause you to be less alert behind the wheel.

"And it's a serious offense," Knox said. "You're looking at almost $300 that it's going to cost you."

The campaign will officially be in effect until Dec. 7, but Knox reiterates that distracted driving is always something he and the other troopers are looking for.

"It's a primary offense," he said. "You can be stopped for that alone. There doesn't have to be any other type of violation going on."

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