What is NC most thankful for? Facebook reveals data for each state

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Facebook has revealed what each state is most thankful for, according to the social media giant.

WHNT-TV reported that Facebook made an algorithm to compile the things people said they were most thankful for in their status and sorted that information by state.

While family, friends, and health topped the list of most mentioned, Facebook was able to sort statuses by “most distinctive,” or to put it another way, the topic that is associated with each state.

When sorted by most distinct topic, much of the South was most thankful for religion and God.

North Carolina and South Carolina were most thankful for salvation, Tennessee was most thankful for God’s love and Virginia was most thankful for YouTube.

California, Kansas, Virginia, Delaware, Vermont, and New Hampshire were all most thankful for one form or another of social media.

Michigan was thankful for electricity. Ohio was thankful for children’s laughter.

Facebook said the people who shared their status were overwhelmingly women — 90 percent of people who participated identified as female on their profile.