What not to buy on Black Friday

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There are so many deals on Black Friday.

But be honest with yourself. Do you really need a handheld camcorder anymore when you can do everything on your smartphone?

Or are you just buying it because it's on sale?

Here's a few of the items you could probably wait to buy:

1. Winter gear. Although it might seem like the perfect opportunity to stock up on the heavy coats and boots, better discounts happen in January and March.

2. Designer clothing. Outlet stores are better if you're looking for clothing deals this holiday, because high-end stores don't usually offer great sales.

3. High-end laptops. Deals in July and September can be 9 percent cheaper, according to DealNews.

4. Gift cards. DealNews says wait until December when discount gift cards tend to "rain from the skies."

5. Airline and travel packages. Wait until January to book your next flight, when there tends to be a bunch of travel deals.

6. Home and patio furniture. Deals on furniture are pretty much obsolete until the warmer months.

7. Chocolates and flowers. Wait until Valentine's Day for this one.

8. Exercise equipment. The holiday season can pack on the pounds, so buying a treadmill during Black Friday may feel right. But wait until after the first of the year for the best deals.

9. Brand-name smart TVs. When should you look for one of these sets? Brand-name TVs tend to see better prices after the Consumer Electronics Show when manufacturers reveal their TV lineups for the new year.

10. Tools. It's a great time to score affordable tools. But December is still the month for the best deals on tools.

11. Latest  Fire tablets.  Amazon recently refreshed its whole Fire tablet lineup, which means we'll certainly see sales on the old Kindles. But it's usually impossible to find a deal on recently-released Amazon tablets on Black Friday.


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