How to pick the perfect Christmas tree

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SOPHIA, N.C. -- So many families will soon be in search for the perfect Christmas tree, but just because you love how it looks, how do you know it's healthy?

"You may be saying, 'Aww, that's such a beautiful tree, ' but make sure you're able to twist the branches around your finger. That's how you know it's hydrated and not too dry. If your tree is dry, it won't last as long," said Beverly Spillman, of Spillman Christmas Tree Farm in Sophia.

At Spillman Christmas Tree Farm, the barn is bustling with activity, inside and out, getting ready for Friday when the farm opens. There, you can cut your own tree or pick out an already-cut Fraser fir.

Because the trees are live and fresh, there is always the possibility of tree bugs.

"If you see black ooze running down the side of your tree, then avoid that tree. We inspect our trees very carefully and shake them to be sure that's not a problem with our trees," said Darrell Spillman.

The Spillman Farm opens Friday morning at 10 a.m.

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