Downtown Greensboro adding more permanent lights

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Increased safety measures in downtown Greensboro will continue after a fatal shooting in the area earlier this month caused safety concerns.

After the Nov. 8 shooting, the Greensboro Police Department increased the amount of officers downtown and the City Department of Transportation installed portable lights at various intersections and parking lots.

GPD Acting Chief of Police Anita Holder says the increased police presence downtown will continue through mid-January.

"And the reason we selected that time period is to make sure we mirrored, in the downtown area, what we have committed to doing in the high traffic shopping areas across the city," Holder said.

The portable lights were added by the city's Transportation Department. Engineering Division Manager Chris Spencer says at least some of the eight portable lights will be replaced within the next few weeks with permanent lighting solutions.

"In general, downtown, it's good for motorists and pedestrian safety, and just overall public safety," Spencer said.

The owner of downtown Greensboro bar and restaurant Stumble Stilskins, Chris Flathers, says he's happy to hear about the lights.

"I can agree with that measure," Flathers said. "That lighting can deter ideas, subconsciously."

He added that he has never felt unsafe in downtown Greensboro.

"I'm not worried at all," he said.

But he said precautionary safety measures, if nothing else, certainly won't hurt.

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