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‘Bullied, humiliated’ teen has fauxhawk shaved off by assistant principal in front of classmates

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BATAVIA, N.Y. -- A New York mom is furious her son went to school with a fauxhawk and came home with his head shaved.

Apparently, the haircut violated school dress code policy.

“My son was bullied into being humiliated in front of his classmates,” said Denise Hull.

An announcement went out over the intercom at Notre Dame High School in Batavia.

Lucas Hull says the assistant principal called him down to the cafeteria to talk about his new hairstyle on Sept. 23.

“He had so much confidence in him and he was ready to face the world,” said Lauren Hull, the boy’s sister, of how her brother felt about his fauxhawk. “When he got that haircut [from the assistant principal], his face was -- it was hard to see and not break down in class.”

Then the assistant principal told Lucas he either had to go home or get a haircut right then and there.

“Just having people watch and have that done to you --,” Lucas said through tears. “It kind of felt humiliating.”

The 17-year-old says most of his senior class sat in the cafeteria and watched the assistant principal shave his head.

Denise Hull says the assistant principal went out of his way to embarrass her son.

She says no one had the right to put their hands on her son and at the very least she should have gotten a phone call.

A month later, Lucas’ hair has grown and started to even out but the family still isn't happy. They say their son returned home from school that day a very different kid.

“I think there are scars that go a lot deeper than the haircut; you know of that what happened that particular day,” Denise Hull said.

Source: WHAM

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