Brooks brings boost in business with Greensboro concerts

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The best game in Greensboro at the moment is one you might be familiar with -- except you have to exchange a best-selling country music singer for a bespectacled man in a red and white sweater.

“We have no insight on where he is in town. It’s kind of like ‘Where's Waldo?’ We're wondering where Garth Brooks is,” said Chip Staley, of Staley’s Barbecue. “We want to get him over here and eat some barbecue.”

Even if Brooks never gets a plate of North Carolina’s world-famous pork barbecue it’s not like Stamey’s is hurting for business. The five night engagement for Greensboro is a hit with fans and businesses alike.

“People are coming from out of town and I've talked to people from Kentucky, New Jersey and just all over the place that are making the trip to come and see the show,” said Stamey. “The buzz is high everyone is excited to see him play.”

The excitement extends across town to Spare Time where the bowling and entertainment center is seeing more reservations for lanes and rooms for groups of people. They said there’s no other reason for the uptick in business expect for Brooks.

Bowlers we found at the lanes on Friday afternoon are more than ready to see Brooks in concert after such a long hiatus.

“I mean it’s the mother of all country shows -- finally back after what 17 years or so?” asked Brett Maffett.

“He's the one who set the stage for the last 20 years in country music,” said Maffett. “The man is a legend. He is country music.”