NC woman in violent video apologizes to the community

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GREENVILLE, N.C. — A North Carolina woman is apologizing after she was caught on video beating a man with her boyfriend after the man punched her.

Jordan Kelli (WITN-TV via NDN)

Jordan Kelli (WITN-TV via NDN)

Jordan Kelli sat down with WITN-TV and said she wishes the incident never happened.

Kelli and her boyfriend were recently at a gas station in Greenville when some kind of altercation started between her and her boyfriend and another man.

The man can be seen on video punching Kelli. That’s when Kelli’s boyfriend lifted the man in the air, slamming him to the ground.

The couple then started beating the man. Kelli can be seen kicking him in the head and her boyfriend was punching him.

Kelli eventually grabs her boyfriend and the two leave.

The video has made its way to social media, quickly being shared online.

Kelli said the man had been making advances toward her while her boyfriend was in the restroom. The man is said to have been rude to her.

“I’m very sorry for comments I made, I was in shock,” Kelli said. “I’m reaching out to the community because violence isn’t the way. Violence is wrong in every aspect. I feel like my comments were ignorant.”

The fight is under investigation. The man who was beaten has not come forward.

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