How to whittle down your heating bill

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The lower the temperatures, the higher your heating bill, but small fix-its around your house this winter can mean big savings.

Don Hooker with Lowe's Home Improvement says with about $100 and a free afternoon, you can save thousands on your heating bills.

"You'd be surprised, even with newer houses, how quickly the door sweeps go,” he said. “It's at the bottom of the door, has a rubber seal. Wears out quickly. Replace those and you'll cut down a lot on cold air coming in."

Hooker also suggests walking through your house with a feather and putting it in front of light switches, outlets, doors and windows. If the feather flutters, air is moving through.

"Anything that has penetrated the wall or insulation, there is air moving through that hole. Take the plate cover off, seal with expandable foam, control the air movement."

He also says it's important to buy a blanket for your water heater so it won't have to work so hard to keep water hot and to be sure and wrap your pipes.

"It's not fun being cold, but if your pipes burst, that's really horrible. It's $1.64 for a pipe wrap and is so easy to do and then you won't have to worry about it."