Dudley High School’s second appeal is denied, football season over

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- The full board of directors of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) voted Thursday morning to uphold the previous decision of the executive committee and denied the appeal by Dudley High School.

The ruling ends Dudley's season, disqualifying them from football playoffs.

The Dudley contingent admitted to the full board that there had been a violation of NCHSAA rules but asked that the penalty not include elimination of the playoffs, asking for mercy from the board.

The four violations all involved the same junior football player, and Coach Davis said he was trying to give him more play time.

Dudley coach and NCHSAA announced Thursday at a press conference that they now know of violations in games against Southeast, Person Co, Southern Alamance and Grimsley.

Ineligible players in Dudley’s final regular season game against Southeast Guilford were reported, and Dudley thus had to forfeit that contest. Players may play in only one football game a week, unless the “eight-quarter rule” applies and documentation is available. The school then filed notice of an appeal earlier this week.

The rule governing the situation in terms of the playoff brackets is 3.2.3 (a) in the current edition of the NCHSAA Handbook, which states that “the team shall not participate in playoffs if, after the brackets have been finalized, forfeited contests cause an adjustment in its record and seed.”

The board discussion indicated that the rules in the NCHSAA Handbook had been appropriately applied in this particular case.

In the process of the appeal Thursday and questions to Dudley officials about the situation, additional information was revealed indicating there could be other violations which occurred during the season. Additional follow up will occur between the NCHSAA and Dudley.