Anderson Cooper pranked by his staff on live TV

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Anderson Cooper thought he was doing a segment on annoying co-worker “crimes” Monday night, but it turned out his co-workers had a something else in store for the CNN host.

Several of Cooper’s co-workers have apparently taken issue with a candle he burns in his office.

During Cooper’s “Ridiculist” segment, they decided to tell him what they think the candle smells like.

Cooper said his goal was to create a serene office environment with the basil-scented candle and fired back:

“This is ‘AC360’ right? What does the ‘AC’ stand for? Oh right, it stands for Anderson Cooper. … Until this program is renamed ‘Anti Candle 360′ I will do whatever I want to try to create a serene friggin’ office environment for my co-workers and myself to enjoy.”