Hotel honors veterans in a big way

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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- Veterans locally are feeling the love. There are deals galore out there tomorrow for veterans, from free doughnuts and meals to a free laser session to remove tattoos. But one local hotel really went all out to give thanks for local veterans.

Country Suites in Burlington offered up all of its suites last night, for free, for veterans and their families. Almost all of the hotel's rooms were filled with veterans and their families who say they look forward to the yearly event all year long. The event includes a catered dinner, drinks, dancing and lots of catching up.

"We hug like old friends and old family. The last thing we say to each other is see you next year," says Patricia Brown, a military widow of 42 years.

Vietnam veteran Tom Bass of Burlington says, "They go all out. Veterans Day 20 years ago came and went, nothing. Just a day on the calendar and barely that. Today, it's recognized, celebrated by so many people, businesses, it really warms your heart."

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